iPhone 5 Release Date Rumors: 4G LTE Feature Will Result in 'Poor Battery Life' Expert Says

The iPhone 5 release date is expected to be announced during the September 12 conference with Apple this Wednesday. Many rumors by tech experts suggest that the iPhone 5 will feature 4G LTE capability which the iPhone 4S does not have. While 4G LTE connectivity is favored for the Apple smartphone, experts wonder if this new feature will result in poor battery life upon the iPhone 5 release date.

"The major question is, will Apple be able to keep the same battery life going to LTE," Kyle Wiens of iFixit said, according to ITWorld.

"Carriers tell me the number one reason for returns is the battery life. 4G LTE phones have been on the market for a year and a half, and all of them have had poor battery life. If you were wondering why Apple didn't go to 4G LTE last spring, it's because the chipsets weren't up to it."

Wiens adds that since the technology has improved since the iPhone 4S was released and since Apple has reportedly improved the iPhone 5 battery voltage, the new phone may still go strong with 4G LTE connectivity.

"The time might finally be right for the silicon. I'm optimistic that the iPhone 5 (with 4G LTE) will have similar talk times as the iPhone 4S, not quite the same but acceptable. It looks like Apple slightly upgraded the battery chemistry, from 3.7 volts to 3.8 volts. Every little bit helps," Wiens says.

Rumors of the iPhone 5 release date come as the Apple/Samsung controversy heats up.

Reports suggest that tech rival, Samsung, plans to file a lawsuit against Apple if the iPhone 5 release date reveals that the device uses LTE technology.

"Samsung wants to use this new feature against Apple and is preparing another patent case against the iPhone 5," Examiner reports. While Nokia holds the highest share for LTE patents with 18.9%, Samsung holds 12.2%.

The rivalry with Apple has grown more intense since the iPhone 5 makers won a lawsuit against the Korean company recently.

"Samsung is understandably mad," regarding the "legal beat down" which was issued in a court ruling last week, Cult of Mac reports. They continued saying: "and probably a little embarrassed and majorly vindictive."

The publication continued to report that Samsung "declared that if Apple even thinks about releasing an iPhone 5 with LTE they will sue them immediately."

iPhone 5 release date rumors progress as Samsung also promises to fight against the ban Apple has placed on their products in the US.

According to a report by PC World, the Korean company vowed on Tuesday to "take all necessary measures" to maintain retail in the US.

On August 27, Apple issued a request at the US District Court for Northern California to ban eight of Samsung's products from being sold in the US. Samsung, however, will have the option of appealing any injunction or filing a motion to stop it. According to Examiner, the eight products include the S 4G, S2 AT&T, S2 Skyrocket, S2 T-Mobile, S2 Epic 4G and the Galaxy Prevail. The latest Samsung Galaxy S III is not part of the eight products.

On August 24, a court ruling declared that 28 of Samsung's products had trespassed against Apple's patent. $1.05 billion was given to Apple from Samsung for damages. While Apple may try to ban all Samsung products in the US, the Korean company is not taking the lawsuit lightly. Samsung intends on appealing the decision made on Friday.

Apple remains as the center of attention as the iPhone 5 is rumored to be announced during an Apple conference on September 12 and put on sell on September 21.

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