Coca Cola Flavor Drops; Water Enhancer Goes For $4 on Oct. 1

Coca Cola Flavor Drops, a water enhancer from the world's largest beverage company, will be available in stores Oct. 1, reports suggest. The packaged liquid enhancers will be called Dasani Drops and are expected to run for $4 a pack.

The Huffington Post reported the beverage company's new idea for Coca Cola Flavor Drops on Friday. The water enhancers are designed to go with Dasani bottled water. Instead of having to purchase an existing bottle of juice, the popular market of water enhancers allow for consumers to drink with flavor at a much cheaper price

"Companies like Coca-Cola with its flavored Dasani Drops, are thinking outside the box as competition grows," Examiner reports. "The introduction of the new item is likely to increase sales in bottled water as well. Already, that line has enjoyed a 13% bounce in sales last quarter."

The liquid enhancers are favored over powdered ones because consumers can decide how much or how little to add into the water beverage. The Dasani Drops container is expected to be small, portable, and easy to fit into a purse or pocket for convenient usage. 

Coca Cola's Flavor Drops will come in 9 flavors including Strawberry Kiwi, Pink Lemonade, Pineapple Coconut and Mixed Berry. One pack of the enhancer can be used for 32 servings of water, Food Consumer reports.

Similar to many other water enhancers, Coca Cola Flavor Drops are expected to be zero calories. 

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