Falling Skies has wrapped its final scenes.

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The TNT drama will conclude it's five-season run this summer, but the cast and crew said goodbye to their post-apocalyptic world at the end of January.

While fans are sad to see the 2nd Mass disappear into the sunset, there is some good news to be had - it looks like all four members of the Mason clan will make it to the finale.

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Tom (Noah Wyle), Hal (Drew Roy), Ben (Connor Jessup), and Matt (Maxim Knight) were all on set with for the last day of filming, along with Weaver (Will Patton), Anne (Moon Bloodgood), Maggie (Sarah Carter), and Anthony (Mpho Koaho) Whether or not they will all live, well, viewers will have to wait and see.

"Well ... Maggie's final words [on Falling Skies] couldn't be more fitting: 'I'll kick your ass.' #finalword #perfection," Carter teased, hopefully referring to a playful jest and not a deadly fight sequence.

Scroll through the photos above to get a glimpse at the conclusion of Falling Skies and click the video below to see a preview for fifth season.

Find out more when Falling Skies returns to TNT later this year.