Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield News: Actress's Boyfriend Might Not Be By Her Side At The Oscars? [VIDEO]

Rumor currently has it that Andrew Garfield may not be joining his Oscar nominated girlfriend at the Academy Awards on Sunday night.

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On Tuesday, Bustle mentioned if Garfield continues his recent routine of not making the award show rounds, it's likely he will not be at the Oscars this week even though Emma Stone has been nominated for an award.

Garfield usually does shy away from award shows, but this is Stone's first nomination ever.

Is The Usually Shy Of Public Events Andrew Garfield Going To Be By Emma Stone's Side At The Oscars? 

Although the reports are varying and it is still all speculation on whether he will attend.

The Master Herald reported that the couple who avoids public appearances is going to be seen together at the Oscars.

To respect their privacy, Stone and Garfield try to keep their relationship on the down low, but they are reportedly ready for plenty of PDA at the upcoming awards ceremony.

Garfield apparently "wouldn't miss" the opportunity to see her nominated for such a prestigious award.

A source close to the actress said that Garfield can "no longer contain his pride and excitement that his girlfriend has earned a nomination in the very prestigious awards."

The couple reportedly stays out of the public eye because Garfield believes that business is business and pleasure is pleasure, but he is willing to let that go for the Oscars, the source said.

Master Herald also reported that Stone was planning to socialize with Garfield more in public this year.

Daily Mail reported on behalf of E! News that Garfield once answered the question as to why he doesn't talk about Stone publicly.

"I understand why people are interested in the personal lives of people who are in public more than those that aren't. I do understand that. I have a deep understanding of that. Just for me, it's not something that I... I don't want it in my life, so I do everything I can to deflect it and say no to it, because I think people forge that, 'Oh, this is my life, and this is your life, and that's your life.

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