This year's Oscar ceremony was full of surprises, and no we do not mean by the winners list, but the performances and the unexpected moments that made the evening memorable. Enstars rounds up some of the highlights from the 87th Academy Awards, that took place on the evening of February 22.

1. Neil Patrick Harris in his underwear: For a first time host, Harris charmed the pants off viewers. The actor was fun and sassy and not scared to give it his all, which even meant stripping down to his underwear. Harris came on stage in a state of undress looking all flustered with the pressure and chaos backstage. It was a a hilarious moment as he continued his mologue saying that acting was a noble profession. Rest assured, Harris got to flaunt his chiseled physique and nobody was complaining.

2. Lego Oscar Statues: The yellow figurine which was postured on the Oscar statue became the rage after it made its first appearance in Oprah's hands. Even Emma Stone got her own fake Oscar statue. What made these coveted objects even more precious was the look on the actor's faces as they received them. The Oscars had its Oprah moment, with Winfrey taking up the glee a notch and having social media lose it over the mock statues.

3. Patricia Arquette's acceptance speech: After thanking the people in her life and the people involved in Boyhood for Oscar for best supporting actress, Arquette spoke for women's rights and equality touching upon some very pressing issues. In Boyhood, Arquette plays a single mother who struggles and works hard to provide for her children. "every woman who gave birth" and spoke for the equality of women. "We have fought for everybody else's equal rights. It is our time to have wage equality once and for all - and equal rights for women in the United States of America," she said. This part of her speech got a rousing applause from the house, with the likes of Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lopez giving her a standing ovation.

4. Lady Gaga's Sound of Music tribute: Of all the music performances of the nights, Lady Gaga's tribute to Sound of Music, was the show stealer. Gaga stunned as she hit every ambitious high note, was pitch perfect and incredibly gracious singing a medley from the movie, with songs like 'Sound of Music' and 'Favorite Things.' And her reward for wowing us, a warm hug from Julie Andrews.


5. John Travolta finally getting Idina Menzel's name right: The Academy gave Travolta a second chance by allowing him to readdress Menzel and call her by her right name on the same stage. At the Oscars last year, Travolta had egregiously introduced Menzel as "Adele Dezaam" before a performance she was to give. In a hilarious comeback, Menzel introduced her co-presenter, Travolta, as "Glom Gazingo." As he rectified his mistake at this year's ceremony, he spoke to her in a fawningly affectionate manner. "My darling, my beautiful, my wickedly talented, Idina Menzel," he said, while holding her face endearingly.  "I hope this is not going to follow me for the rest of my life," she jokingly responded, referring to last year's blunder. "Tell me about it!" Travolta added.