In a recent interview, Julianna Margulies, who plays Alicia in The Good Wife, hinted at the fate of her running for State's Attorney in season 6.

Showrunners Talk Possibility Of Kalinda Dying In Upcoming Episode  

While the actress didn't give away any juicy spoilers, something could be inferred by her divulging about David Hyde Pierce's, who plays Frank Prady, her competitor in the the race, stint as guest actor on the show. Margulies told Vulture that the actor has a six-episode act, and will be returning but we are guessing, with less siginificant screen time.

"Working with David Hyde Pierce was incredible. He did a six-episode arc, but he'll come back," she said. "He's such an interesting character."

Diane And Cary To Question Alicia's Motives In Season 6 

Here's the official synopsis for an upcoming episode, titled 'False Feed':

"When Frank Prady decides to go after Governor Florrick as a campaign tactic, Alicia is faced with the decision of whether or not to attack Peter's record as well. Also, when Florrick/Agos/Lockhart take on the case of a man paralyzed by a malfunctioning gun created on a 3D printer, they call on Kurt to testify as an expert witness, which leads to a rift between Diane and her husband."

The Good Wife returned after a brief hiatus on March 1.

False Feed will air on CBS on March 15.

Watch a preview for the latest episode, titled 'Mind's Eye':