It's sure to be the kind of look at royalty no one expected to see, but E!'s The Royals is sure to become a guilty pleasure drama for those who watch it.

The show, following the exploits of the fictional English royal family as they adjust to their new dynamic following the death of the heir apparent, is E!'s first foray into scripted television, and while some are calling the show nothing more than "trash TV," it has already been renewed for a second season ahead of its premiere.

Here are five reasons why we can't wait for this sure-to-be addicting series to premiere.

1. It's Created By Mark Schwahn

Schwahn has had previous success with building a show that managed to garner cult status. His well-known hit, the CW's One Tree Hill, ran for nine years, and was successful despite its on occasion, risqué, seemingly far-fetched, and controversial storylines. His ability to make a show so successful could mean that fans of his work may have another guilty pleasure to look forward to.

2. The High-Caliber Cast

The Royals isn't going to be pulling any punches when it comes to the names attached to it. Schwahn's casting process follows a format similar to the one he used for One Tree Hill-combining already well-known actors (in this case, Elizabeth Hurley, Joan Collins, Vincent Regan and William Moseley), with less familiar names to the American audience (Merritt Patterson and Alexandra Park).

3. Prince Liam

To help promote their new sexy prince, the show used a stroke of genius to get female fans all worked up about the show-by partnering with Tinder in an effort to get Prince Liam's name out there. As a bonus, the profile that was set up for him even sent responses to females who expressed interest in it. Overall he seems like the perfect mix of royal dream and delicious bad boy.

4. The Fashion

If Prince Liam doesn't strike a fan's fancy, the incredible fashion in the show certainly might. While some of the royal family's outfits might be less-than-regal (Queen Helena has an affinity for tight mini-dresses), there is no denying that it oozes the kind of grandeur many of us can only dream will grace our closets someday.

5. There's An Overall Element Of Sexiness Threaded Throughout The Show

Whether it's the actual sex that could be going on behind the closed doors of the palace, the scandalous behaviors of the royal family, or just the chaos that seems to follow them wherever they go-the show is undeniably sexy overall. With that in mind, it could just be everyone's newest addiction.

The Royals premieres Sunday, March 15 at 10 p.m. on E!