Insurgent will hit theaters this Friday, March 20, and at a recent press junket for the sequel to Divergent some of the cast were given an interesting task that resulted in hilarity.

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Clevver News uploaded a video of some of Insurgent's biggest stars, including Shailene Woodley, Ansel Elgort and Miles Teller, taking on the challenge to pitch the film only using popular slang terminology.

The video is below, but not all the cast is up to par in understanding today's youth regardless of being part of a huge young adult franchise.

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Erin Robinson for Clevver News assisted Theo James quite a bit on trying to sell the film.

"Insurgent is so on fleek. I literally can't," she started out.

James' shock set in as he said, "Jesus! I don't know what any of these mean."

His costar Teller was just as lost, sharing, "I don't know any of this stuff."

Woodley also was quite lost, asking, "What is 'doe'? Is that a deer?"

Octavia Spencer also thought "doe" meant the female deer.

Elgort sailed through this challenge with flying colors.

"I can't even. Literally can't doe," he stated as James continued to flounder.

"Four can be so basic," James said, which was the incorrect use of "basic," but he wasn't alone since his leading lady also used it incorrectly.

Elgort basically won the challenge when he said: "I mean the thing is that like Beatrice is not basic at all. She slays! Yasss Beatrice!"

Teller, Woodley and even James eventually caught on, but Woodley wasn't thrilled with the usage of "Bye Felicia" and ranted about the usage of "bae."

Watch the video below.

Insurgent hits theaters on March 20.