For fans who were anyway psyched enough with news of a Clerks III, Kevin Smith is being overly generous as he just confirmed plans for Mallrats II.

The actor-director announced the news on his podcast, Hollywood Babble-On on March 13 stating: "I hate to disappoint people but, yes, I am doing a Mallrats sequel."

He also spoke about it recently on a local radio show, Rock102 Mornings with Shmonty & Carolina.

While talking about the development of the sequel to Mallrats, Smith stated that they still had time and were half-way through with the script right now

"It's half a script right now, and we're pulling our loot together," he said. "We've got up until the beginning of 2016. By the time we get to May 2016, we're going to be shooting."

Smith had already dropped a hint about Mallrats II, as he alluded to it in a tweet which revealed the details for filming Clerks III on March 12:

"We shoot CLERKS III in May. HIT SOMEBODY shoots September to Christmas. Then in Feb 2016, we do MOOSE JAWS. But after that? I smell a rat..."

It's been exaclty about two decades since the cult comedy was released in 1995, and this would make for a massive deal for fans. Speaking on the radio show, Smith added that it he found sponsors which gave him confidence take the project forward. "I had a cool idea and a bunch of investors that were like, 'Do it!' so here we are, man," he said. Smith has not revealed any other details concerning casting and stuff for the film just yet.

Refresh your memory with a trailer for Mallrats here: