The comedy series Community, which aired for five seasons on NBC before receiving the axe, made it's debut on Yahoo Screen Tuesday.

Despite low ratings on NBC, the Dan Harmon created show developed something of a cult following. It was this same devoted fan base which helped launch the show's revival on a new platform this year.

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For Harmon, however, all of this is still pretty incredible. "What's it like to be on the sixth season of this show and how weird is it that this is happening? I haven't answered those questions yet," he admitted during an interview with Rolling Stone on Tuesday. "That's one for my s***ty memoirs."

For the cast, however, Community's second life on Yahoo is a chance to take a beat and appreciate what it is they are doing.

"There was always the threat of cancellation," noted Danny Pudi (Abed) of past seasons. "This year it's nice, because we're coming back with a group that is truly confident and excited about our show."

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'The creative freedom the show's been given with Yahoo has been a blessing and even Harmon himself can't believe it. "It's like…I would say night and day, but those things happen on the same planet," he explained. "We have more creative freedom than a kindergarten class."

So is season six just the star of the show's second life? Will Community finally get that movie fans have been taking about?

"I think creatively about it as if it's the sixth of a thousand seasons," admitted Harmon. "I don't think Community is going to go down in history as the show that nailed its actual finale, because Community has to go down in history as the show that never knew how long it was gonna live."

The first two episodes of Community's sixth season are now available on Yahoo Screen.