Gamblers are playing the royal baby name game.

Magazines Claim Kate Middleton Gave Birth To A Baby Girl?

On Tuesday, E! News reported that with Kate Middleton's royal due date fast approaching, people are beginning to place bets with hopes to cash in on their guesses.

The betting is taking place on Ladbrokes where people are guessing whether Prince George will have a little brother or sister and what his or her name will be.

The Mystery Of Kate Middleton's Royal Due Date Has (Kind Of) Been Solved?

According to the site, a lot of people are betting for a girl--nearly five times the amount of money has been wagered on a girl than a boy!

And people seem to think that Elizabeth will be her name.

"Elizabeth leads the way as the 5/1 favorite for the name of choice," Jessica Bridge of Ladbrokes tells HELLO! 

Following that guess, people think her name could be Charlotte or Alevandra. If the royal newborn is a boy, they are betting on James.

Metro U.K. combined Ladbrokes, Paddy Power and Coral's odds for their calculations, giving Elizabeth 7/2 odds, followed by James 8/1, Charlotte 9/2 and Victoria 10/1. Five names were tied with 12/1 odds: Philip, Alice, Mary, Arthur and Diana.

E! News revealed that Middleton told someone when she is due- well, around when she is due to give birth to her second royal baby.

The Duchess of Cambridge apparently broke the new unintentionally to volunteers at Brookhill Children's Centre in Woolwich where she reportedly went to attend a training session and to visit the on-site nursery.

"I told her she is beautiful and that she's got a tiny little bump," volunteer Christie Osborne, 49, told reporters following Middleton's visit. "I asked when her baby is due and she said mid-to-end of April."

It's not an exact due date, but it's good enough considering fans had no idea when she was due and still don't know the expected sex of the future prince or princess.