‘Terminator 5’ Spoilers: Sarah Connor & Kyle Reese Kiss In New ‘Genisys' TV Spot [VIDEO]

A recently unveiled German TV spot for Terminator: Genisys shows reveals some hot new seconds of footage from the film.

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In the clip, Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke) and Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney) share a kiss, something we hadn't quite seen in previous trailers, making it something of a highlight in this one.

In another bit Arnold Schwarzenegger's character the Guardian is seen sharing screen time with Sarah and Kyle as they race ahead in a car. The entire clip is in German, and The Terminator Fans did the service of translating some of the important new dialogue featured in it. In the car, the Guardian is tells Kyle and Sarah that "Skynet built a new Terminator to stop us," adding "keep moving, let's go."

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The fanzine also reveals that the title of the spot is 'Fate' and the English version should be out soon.

In an interview with Empire magazine for its May cover story on Terminator: Genisys, Schwarzenegger talked about his character and how he will be different from the previous films in the franchise.

It is known that Schwarzenegger will be playing the Guardian, an older version of the T-800, who is charged with protecting Sarah. He will also be fighting his younger version from the original 1984 film. The actor revealed the changes that will come into play in Genisys, and how they might affect his character.

"The story has changed," Schwarzenegger said, "so I am like a combination of the characters who you have seen in the past. He is a powerful and potentially evil kind of machine that can be very destructive if I see that a there is danger from me or for the victory against the machines. I can switch over to being the protector of Sarah Connor. It depends where we are in this storyline."

Terminator: Genisys is scheduled to release in July 2015.

Watch the German TV spot here:

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