The battle between David Lynch and Showtime over Twin Peaks continues as the network's president offers his latest two cents.

'Twin Peaks' Cast Comes Together In Support Of David Lynch

David Nevins, the CEO of Showtime, spoke with AdWeek this week about the latest in the ongoing saga of reviving Twin Peaks. After Lynch unexpectedly backed out of the project he was scheduled to direct nine episodes of, the status of the revival has been thrown into chaos.

Nevins admitted to AdWeek that he could not say much about the matter, but offered his take on why Lynch decided to back out.

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"We're in the middle of it. I can't say too much," he said, adding: "It's either a negotiation, or he's had cold feet. But I am hopeful."

Diehard Twin Peaks fans should not give up hope just yet. The show's ensemble cast has collectively created a Facebook page to keep fans up to date on what's happening with the project. Primarily run by Sherilyn Fenn, who played Audrey Horne in the cult series, the page already has over 16,000 likes.

In her latest update, Fenn said that as of Monday there's been no new developments.

"We have nothing solid to share with all......I was in touch with DKL [David Lynch] yesterday....... Maybe whatever or whomever is the truth for you," Fenn suggested. "To just keep our yesdklyesdklyesdkl mantra going. Yes, let's move from no to yes. Yes with DKL and MK [Mark Frost]. Sending love and light and clarity to the situation. Again, all this outpouring has been so heartfelt. It means more than you all can know."

Showtime had originally scheduled the revival of Twin Peaks for 2016, with Lynch and Frost writing all nine episodes and Lynch directing them all. It is unknown if this will set things back for the ultimate premiere date.