#kyliejennerchallenge: Social Media Users Post Photos of Their Attempts to Copy Model's Lips [VIDEO]


If you want bruises on your face, the #kyliejennerchallenge may be for you.

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It's no secret that model Kylie Jenner is constantly noted for her plump lips, and it seems the world is desperate to emulate them.

It's amazing that the power of social media and viral "challenges" have on teens. From dumping a bucket of ice on them to putting alcohol on one's body and lighting the area on fire, all while a camera is rolling.

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Now, the latest challenge is the Kylie Jenner challenge where you put a shot glass around your lips and suck in. The point is for it to tighten around your lips which is allegedly supposed to make them seem plumper.

It turns out, all if does is seriously bruise your lips.

One 16-year-old boy is now warning his classmates not to attempt the challenge after he posted a photo of his bruising on social media, according to The Daily Mail.

Kevin Coulton stuck his mouth in the rim of a glass because "everyone was doing it."

"It's a bit stupid. Everyone's doing it and I just thought I would too. There wasn't really a reason," he said.

Coulton said his parents were "shocked" when they saw what he had done to his lips.

"It really did hurt, and it went all purple and bruised straight away. It hasn't gone down three days later. My parents were shocked. I did it with a glass. A lot of people say it should be done with a shot glass to do it properly. Everyone in school is doing it. But I want to tell people not to. It hurts and the bruising takes ages to go down," Coulton said.

Teens are taking to social media with the #kyliejennerchallenge hashtag where teens are posting troubling photos and videos of their results.

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