Kyle Chandler playing someone so morally gray is new for many fans, who are seeing some darkness from his character on Netflix's Bloodline.

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Chandler, who plays John Rayburn on Bloodline, spoke with the Los Angeles Times about his complicated new character and how it challenges him as an actor.

The actor admitted that the end of the first season of Bloodline was particularly new for him.

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"There are situations, especially toward the end of the season, that I have never played before," he said. "I just never have. And I wanted to make sure John's actions were earned. If there had been any doubt from the beginning about whether the justifications would be there, I would not have agreed to it."

Chandler is of course talking about John's confrontation with his "black sheep" brother Danny (Ben Mendelsohn), which saw a huge climax in the second to last episode.

Before Bloodline, Chandler had mostly been known as Coach Taylor on NBC's beloved football drama Friday Night Lights, playing an all around good guy.

Bloodline co-creator Glenn Kessler spoke about Chandler making that change and becoming a new character.

"People want to trust him. People want to believe him. People want to root for him," Kessler explained. "He's Coach Taylor! So to move him out of that zone as John Rayburn and have the audience start to question him and change their perceptions was so fun to do."

Bloodline season 1 is currently streaming on Netflix, with season 2 planned for 2016.