New 'Iron Man' Trailer Features New Suit and New Villain 'The Mandarin'


The new trailer has arrived for "Iron Man 3."

The clip features a new suit stalking Robert Downey Jr.'s character Tony Stark.

So who's behind this iron mask? No one knows yet, but it may be that the suit is operating under its own power.

There is also the appearance of a new villain. Ben Kingsley, who plays 'The Mandarin', says in the trailer that there "are no heroes."

Stark admits that what took place in "The Avengers" has deeply scarred him.

"I can't sleep, and when I do I have nightmares," says Stark.

The trailer also shows the return of Gwyneth Paltrow as Stark's girlfriend Pepper Potts.

The new "Iron Man" film takes bits and pieces from the Marvel comic series "Extremis", which features Stark giving himself implants to allow easier access to his Iron Man suit.

The production of the new film in "The Avengers" franchise was previously halted for a month and a half after Downey Jr. was hurt doing a stunt. The injury that took place on Aug. 16 affected the actor's ankle, according to Downey's representative.

Much of the film was shot in North Carolina as well as a set in Miami, Fla.

Downey Jr., who plays billionaire Tony Stark as Iron Man, was photographed at the Miami set, which made a replica of locations in Malibu, California such as Neptune's Net, a seafood restaurant. Images show Iron Man with another character, which is most likely Don Cheadle who plays Rhodey - but in his mechanized suit he is known as War Machine. The image shows Iron Man's new suit as well as someone in a red, white and blue suit of armor that looks close to what the character Iron Patriot wears in the comics.

Director Shane Black isn't pulling any stops with this blockbuster hitting theaters May 2013.

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