Many Samsung customers around the world have been waiting to update their Galaxy S3 devices with the new Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS.

Today, Sprint becomes the first wireless carrier in the United States to offer the update to their customers.

According to CNET, Sprint users will be able to do over-the-air updates starting this morning. The update will happen automatically and users will be prompted to accept the install once it's ready.

Samsung announced that other U.S. carriers to get the Jelly Bean update to their Samsung Galaxy S3's within the coming months are AT&T, Verizon, U.S. Cellular and T-Mobile. 

The update has also recently become available to some users in the United Kingdom. Yesterday it was announced that UK users will be able to access the OS update with their unlocked, SIM-free, devices.

The reason Samsung may have only given access to the unlocked phones is to check to see if there are any major issues with the update before giving full access to all users.

Samsung Galaxy S3 users outside of the U.S are able to receive the Jelly Bean update. Countries such as South Korea, Taiwan, Poland can access it, but much of the the U.S. is still in the pending phase of the update stage.

Samsung posted a web page to allow users to stay updated with the Jelly Bean's progress.

The Jelly Bean update is one of the most advanced in the mobile market and will help solidify the Samsung Galaxy S3 as the top contender against Apple's iPhone 5. The update has a few new features like the voice-typing Google Now and Project Butter, which provides better UI animations. It also makes internet browsing faster and allows better organization for an enhanced overall performance.