Sunday's penultimate episode of Mad Men left viewers after controversial character Betty Draper Francis (played by January Jones) learned that she was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Betty learned her fate once she was sent to the hospital after tripping and falling on the first day of her classes at her new college. Some fans are saying that it was one of the show's most shocking departures ever since British partner Lane Price committed suicide in his office.

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Many fans took to their social media accounts to express their shock over Betty's cancer news.

Some commenters wrote, "If you hate Betty Draper/Francis, then you don't get ‪#MadMen. In her own way she is just as heroic as Joan/Peggy," along with, "If you would have told me 3 seasons ago I would have cried over Betty Draper I would have called you a mad... man ugh no."

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Another commenter wrote, "Depressed this morning about Betty Draper and I don't even like the woman. ‪#MadMen."

Just last month, Jones said she will always root for Betty, even though she might not be very popular with fans.

In a new interview with Vulture last month, Jones says that she thinks Betty is happy in her marriage to her husband Henry (after years of dealing with her ex-husband Don Draper's infidelity) and that her latest quest to go back to college is "empowering."

Jones said of Betty and Henry together, "I think that he loves her and accepts her for who she is and gives her everything that she's always wanted and all the things that she didn't get from Don. I don't think that we've ever seen her happier."

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