Presidential Polls 2012: Swing States Latest - Ohio Tied, Florida and Virginia Have Romney Ahead

The latest Presidential Polls for Election 2012 has shown tight contests across swing states with President Barack Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney tied dead even in the key swing state of Ohio.

According to The Plain Dealer/Ohio Newspaper Poll both Obama and Romney are tied dead even on 49 percent of “likely voters” in Ohio.

With just over a week until election day both candidates are pouring huge amounts of money and attention into Ohio, which according to most analysts will go a long way to deciding who will be in the White House following election day.

The same poll suggested that there is a tiny margin of undecided voters left to fight over for the two candidates - just one percent in fact. However, with the state basically deadlocked every single vote will count. Obama and Romney are trying to rally their supporters to ensure they actually get out and vote on the day, as well as trying to grab the attention of those less dedicated to attend a polling booth on election day. And of course to grab hold of those last few voters who are still weighing up their options.

Losing Ohio will be potentially devastating to either candidate. Although it is not impossible to win the election while losing Ohio for both Obama and Romney, it should be noted that no president has amassed the electoral votes needed to enter the White House without Ohio for more than half a century - 52 years to be exact.

The poll showing the tie, indicates that Romney has the momentum in the state. In the previous Ohio Newspaper Poll, which was published on Sept. 23, Obama had a healthy five point cushion over Romney. That five point lead has been eroded, but whether Romney has enough left in his tank to get his nose over the line first in Ohio is another thing.

The Obama campaign will be hoping that they have stopped the bleed of electorate following his disastrous first presidential debate, but they will be weary of polls showing a tie in Ohio at this late stage.

In a number of other key swing states, which are being touted as potentially deciding the outcome of this election, Romney has also gotten his nose in front. In both Virginia and Florida a number of polls have indicated Romney is shifting ahead of Obama - although the difference between the candidates remains within the range of polling error, making it for all extents and purposes a statistical tie.

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