They were one of the most-talked about teams on season 26 of The Amazing Race because of their constant bickering, but Hayley and Blair now say they don't regret how things played out--or the fact that they wound up coming in third.

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In a post-race interview with TV Guide, the two medical professionals talked about their experience on the race, and revealed that even though they seemed to lose their chance (and considerable lead on the other teams), when Hayley performed the Roadblock wrong, they now say that the final challenge involving plotting out the selfies they took throughout the trip in the proper order would have likely done them in anyway.

"You know, when it came down to it, I don't even know if we would've won with our lead because the selfie challenge was hard for us," Hayley said. "They didn't show us doing it, but we took a long time. We were too busy taking in the moments and enjoying the scenery on the race and we would forget about taking selfies. We'de get somewhere and we were just in awe...When we would take selfies, it would be at airports or on trains. That was when we would think about it. Our selfies were kind of bland!"

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"Our selfies were just us on a plane or on an airport floor, so we were like, 'What airport floor do you think that is?' Or 'Blair, when did have a mustache?' When did you wear that hat?'" she added.

Hayley also addressed the fact that she nagged Blair a bit during the race, and admitted that she does think she was a bit hard on him.

"Yeah, I do think I should've gone easier on Blair," she said. "...We weren't getting along at first because we didn't know each other and we didn't have a chance to know each other. Our brief instances I felt like weren't enough. But once I got to know Blair, I realized that Blair's just a natural leader. That's how he needs to be in his medical and military careers. He needs to be a person who takes charge and goes with it. Once I got to know him, I realized he wasn't being disrespectful or being malicious or writing me off."

Blair also spoke up about the way he and Hayley famously didn't get along at first, defending her for seeming as if she was being too hard on him because of the situation they were in,

"It was figuring out what's worth arguing about, what is her strength in any given situation, what is mine," he said. "We tried our best to be compatible. I said this at the end, but I trust Haykey and her instincts to a very impressive degree. I'm still a little confused in certain situations, but correct me if I'm wrong, Hayley, but just being in stressful environments when we needed an answer quickly...that's very anxiety-ridden."