'Hannibal' Season 3: Will Graham & Pazzi To Team Up? Episode 2 Plot Reveals Questionable Alliance [VIDEO]

It's time for Hannibal's Will Graham to rejoin the land of the living.

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An invalid for quite some time following Dr. Lecter's (Mads Mikkelsen) season 2 escapades, Graham (Hugh Dancy) will resume his search for his frenemy in "Primavera," the second episode of season 3.

Hannibal and Bedelia (Gillian Anderson) jumped around Europe while Will was on the mend, but the profiler's first stop will at least be in the same country as the pair's new Florentine hideout.

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"With his wounds now healed, Will Graham heads to Europe eight months after the horrific event that almost took his life, in search of closure with Hannibal Lecter," NBC teased. "Following a hunch, Will arrives in Palermo, Italy to find a disturbing gift."

Lord only knows what gruesome sight Hannibal will have left behind in Sicily, but the "gift" and Will's appearance will pull native detective Inspector Pazzi (Fortunato Cerlino) into the fray.

"Will's arrival draws suspicion from Inspector Rinaldo Pazzi, who twenty years earlier pursued a Florentine killer known as "Il Mostro" and, after reading Will's file, believes that Hannibal Lecter and "Il Mostro" are one and the same," NBc announced. "Pazzi tries to enlist Will's help in catching Hannibal, but Will warns that he is unsure of where his own allegiance lies."

It seems Will and Hannibal's warped friendship can survive even a knife to the gut.

Find out more when Hannibal returns to NBC on June 4 with "Antipasto." Click the video below to see a preview for season 3.

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