'Ray Donovan' Season 3 Spoilers: Hank Azaria's Ed Returning For Next Chapter? [VIDEO]

Hank Azaria, who plays Ed in Ray Donovan spoke about the psychopathic nature of his character and teased the possibility of his return in season 3, in a recent interview with Deadline.

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When asked if Ed, the zany detective out to get Ray, was coming back Azaria seemed to strongly hint at the fact that he would. "I don't think I'm supposed to say for sure or not, but it's certainly possible that he'll be back," he said.

The actor also spoke about what made him want to take up the part.

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"Well, it's pretty well-written, and I liked the show already," he said. "I'm a fan of the show, and I always thought they needed to bring somebody in who could sort of call Ray on his bull***t and push back, and so it was fun that they were doing that at all, let alone to be the guy to do it, and this guy's purely motivated by power."

In a few interviews last year, Azaria had suggested that when he came on board for season 2, he was the new guy on set and the older members had already set their dynamic, which mad eit slightly difficult for him to break the ice at first. He addressed the question of him having previousl stated that they were standoffish.

"Well, that's just on camera, not at the craft service table. No, you know what? It really is very nice. In TV like that, it's like shooting an indie film. You've got to get the work done.," he said. "So it's really all about concentrating, then going at it in the scene, shooting it as quickly and as well as you can, and moving on. There's not too much time for playing around. That said, it was really fun doing that with all those guys, and everybody was very welcoming and creative, and it was definitely one of the more fun jobs I've had for sure."

Season 3 of Ray Donovan will premiere on July 12 at 9 pm on Showtime.

Watch a preview:

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