Could it be over already? That's what the gossip blogs are speculating as there's a new report that says George and Amal Clooney's marriage is done, even though the couple have not even been married for a full year yet.

George Clooney Reveals His Promise For Wife Amal

According to In Touch Weekly's print edition this week (via Gossip Cop), a source close to the glamorous couple says that things started to go down when Amal allegedly gave her husband George an ultimatum to relocate permanently to their London home "or else."

The insider says that George is desperate to finish renovations on their London mansion in order to save what ever is left of their marriage before it completely falls apart.

George Clooney Says Amal Doesn't See Herself In The Celebrity World

Of course, both George and Amal have made no comments about the rumor but a source close to the A-listers tells Gossip Cop that the In Touch story is completely made-up.

Meanwhile, according to RTE News last Friday, the human rights lawyer has been taking private acting lessons as she plans on making a cameo in one of George's upcoming films.

A source close to the couple said, "George asked her ages ago if she ever wanted to give her family a thrill and do a cameo. [She won't just] walk into a job without doing her research. She's been taking weekly acting classes with a private coach and loving every minute of it."

The insider, "She'd never change careers, but she's certainly intrigued by George's industry and thinks it could be something fun to do.''