Mackenzie Douthit may have paid for her recent plastic surgery by agreeing to sell gruesome photos of herself going under the knife.

Mackenzie Douthit Arrives To Los Angeles To Film 'Couple's Therapy?'

Although the Teen Mom 3 star claims she paid for the implants with her gig as a cosmetologist in Oklahoma, a new report hints at otherwise.

"Mackenzie not only sold photos of the pre-surgery consultation with her plastic surgeon, but also sold pics of herself on the operating table!" The Ashley's Reality Roundup confirmed on Monday. "Mackenzie invited a paparazzi photographer from Splash News to document her entire surgery– from the doctor drawing on her chest to mark where the implants would go– to Mackenzie with a breathing tube down her throat, sprawled out on the operating table."

Mackenzie Douthit Is Releasing A Song

Prior to undergoing the surgery, which took place in California, Douthit started a fundraiser on, but after receiving criticism from fans, she reportedly closed the page.

"They are exactly like ones Farrah Abraham sold of herself getting a chin implant," the site added of Douthit's surgery photos, noting that Douthit is under the same manager, Gina Rodriguez, as Abraham was when she underwent her chin implant.

In other news, Douthit will soon release a song on iTunes, which was created to raise money for diabetes research.

"I got to record a song and I can't wait for you all to hear. Not a great singer at all so I chose do a little rappin," she explained. "Check it out on iTunes and get educated just by listening to it about the disease millions of people suffer with daily including myself.. It will be on available on iTunes soon and 50% of the money goes towards diebetes research."