The 100's third season will be slightly shorter than it's predecessor.

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The CW announced episode orders for several of its fall and spring series on Wednesday, amongst them The 100. While the post-apocalyptic drama received an extended 16-episode second season, its 2016 run will consist of 13 episodes once more.

The news may come as a blow to some viewers, but showrunner Jason Rothenberg is unconcerned by the shrunken order. In fact, Rothenberg is quite pleased about the network's decision.

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"Guys, 13 eps is perfect. More than that hurts a serialized show creatively," Rothenberg tweeted on Wednesday. "$$$ is the reason they do it & that's not why I do it."

Rothenberg previously spoke on the issue, explaining that there is no way The 100 would ever take on more than 16 episodes per season.

"It's really hard to make television and it's really hard to make good television and I'm really not sure how shows that have 24 episodes do it," the EP said in a Periscope chat. "So I like a short order."

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