Summer Weight Loss Tips: A Clinical Dietician Gives You Pointers On Shedding The Pounds

As the flowers bloom and the humidity worsens, it's inevitable that summer is in full effect. You may have started 2015 with the intent to shed some pounds and begin exercising more before the start of the summer.

However, as the Washington Post shows, just a week into the new year, you abandoned your New Year's resolutions. Don't fret. Clinical Dietician of New York's Methodist Hospital and owner of her nutritionist private practice, Allison Scheinfeld has five tips that will help you jumpstart your summer weight loss program.

Stay Hydrated

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Aside from water being the purest mineral on earth, Len Kravits, Ph.D from The University of New Mexico breaks down the importance Allison says: Common signs of dehydration are fatigue, headache and dizziness. A way to quickly tell if you are hydrated: your urine should be a pale yellow color. If it's dark, you are likely not drinking enough. I recommend to all my clients- drink one or two glasses of water first thing in the morning. I also ALWAYS carry a water bottle with me. If it is always with you, you will be reminded to drink. Vegetables & fruit have high water content, so eat up, especially cucumbers, celery, radishes, tomatoes, green peppers, cauliflower, watermelon, strawberries, cantaloupe & peaches.

Plan Meals

A study published by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine says US surveys report that time spent on cooking and food preparation has declined substantially since the 1960s, with Americans currently spending an estimated 33 minutes per day on food preparation and cleanup. The actual study found that greater amount of time spent on home preparation was associated with indicators of higher diet quality. Allison says: Planning ahead is so important for diet and weight loss. In the beginning of the week, go food shopping and get everything you will need. If your fridge is packed with healthy choices, you will likely eat them. Do not bring junk into the house! If it's not there, you can't eat it. Simple as that. Carry snacks with you at all times, such as apples or almonds. If you are prepared, you won't have to go to the bodega and buy chips.

Exercise Frequently

"The only way to lose weight is to create a negative energy balance - a caloric deficit" says Evidence Mag. With the advantage of the warm weather, the summer is a great season to intensify workouts while sticking to your budget. Work out in parks, check out Groupon or Living Social for affordable fitness classes or browse videos on Youtube. Allison says: Sign up & pay for classes in advance. It helps to schedule in work-outs in the beginning of the week, as you would schedule a work meeting or dinner with friends. If it's in your calendar, you know you are doing it. No excuses

Bring Your Friends Along

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It can be dreading to think of working out alone. So don't. Allison says: Find a work out buddy. It is always easier with a friend. Instead of meeting friends for after-work drinks, meet for yoga or spin class. Then maybe after exercising, head for a drink or two.

Also, Fit Day explains why having a buddy helps.

Cut Down On Alcohol

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With links to liver and kidney disease, it's been made clear that consuming alcohol while trying to shed some pounds might not be the best idea.

Allison says: The first rule is moderation. I usually recommend not to drink two days in a row. If you are drinking, choose low cal/low sugar options such as Brut, Prosecco, Cava, dry white wines - Riseling, Sauvignon Blanc or light beers. Light colored liquors, such as gin and vodka contain less calories than dark. Also, often it is not the alcohol that is causing weight gain, it is the losing inhibitions and then making poor food choices. Try your hardest not to do this.

Some good options:

  • Blue Moon,159kcal 12.5 gm carbs
  • Corona Light, 109 kcal, 5 gm carbs
  • Guinness,158 kcal, 13.7 gm carb
  • Prosecco,69 kcal, 2 gm carb
  • Vodka with club soda,64 kcal, 0 gm carb per ounce

For more on Allison:
Check out her website, and follow her on Instagram, @allisonscheinfeldnutrition.

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