Writer Connor Toole of Elite Daily had the perfect plan in mind before the 2015 NBA Draft started: he was going to pretend to be a prospective college player getting drafted by a professional basketball team. And it worked! 

As many athletes dream of that moment, Toole got to make it become somewhat a reality and even recorded the whole thing as a video for the millennial web news site. When I compliment Toole on his hilarious subterfuge, he tweeted the following response:

Dressed to impress and emotions on high, Toole showed up at the Barclays Center as if he was a prospect in this year's draft. As draft attendees and local residents filled the arena, Toole smiled for fans cameras out front as patrons took pictures as he anxiously prepared to get in the big event.

As fans gathered and family members cheered on, all stopped to notice Toole. Whose 6'10 frame made him the perfect look-alike for a NBA prospect destined for greatness. Enjoying the atmosphere, Toole walked in and took a spot on the stage floor. According to the video posted by Elite Daily, it looks as if Toole was successful. If we were the judge, we would say Toole had a pretty good spot in the house. Now only if his name had been called.

After crashing the biggest event of the NBA offseason, one would think Toole could call it a night and head home. Nope, instead he continued the ruse; posing as if he had been just drafted by the Utah Jazz. Toole hit at least one a bar and received at least one free shot as faking his recent entry into pro sports. Local patrons took pictures and all had a good time. Who wouldn't want to party with someone just drafted into the NBA?! Except of course, Toole wasn't. Still, it looks like he had a great night and went to work the next day. What a night! 

Check it all out in the video below.