Warm Weather Dating Tips: 4 Guys Every Girl Must Date This Summer

After a long season of hiber-dating--a term that refers to placeholder relationships you entertain in the winter--your best bet for the summer may indeed be to stay single. With non-committment comes the perk of being able to juggle multiple men-to your benefit and convenience, of course.

As a single gal in a big city, there are four types of guys that you should have readily available. This guide will provide you with both the tools and the rules to maximize your dating fun with minimizing your stress. Although they say multi-tasking is a myth, you'll soon be begging to differ.

Mr. Chow

Who doesn't fancy food? Find yourself a foodie who loves to experiment with different cuisines. Be sure to emphasize that you're always trying the latest restaurants. While you're at it, may as well lay it on thick and tell him you write a food blog. Create a list of different spots you'd like to check out and pick a day, a week, or even go bi-weekly for dinner dates with Mr. Chow.

Rules: Book the dates. DO NOT INITIATE THEM.

Mr. Chow serves one purpose: To appease your appetite. However, he should be utterly clueless. You've booked the dates in your calendar for the convenience of yours truly; with consideration that you're juggling three others. However, that does not mean that you ask him out or initiate the dates. A man that wants to see you will do whatever it is to see you. Translation: He will do whatever you want to do. But, if a man is not inquiring about your plans, do not inquire about his, and do not ask him out. Use of passive-aggressive strategies such as this:

Mr. Chow: Hey what are your plans tomorrow?
You say: Would like to check out this new place I seen in Time called Pink Tea Cup. Apparently they have great Chicken and Waffles.

Mr. Chow: Are you free tomorrow? I'd love to see you.
You say: I think I have some time. Feeling like some Cuban food tonight.

Mr. Excursion

Mr. Excursion is adventurous and always looking for new experiences. He's someone exhilarating that you'll likely meet at a party, or some other notable event. His purpose: To heighten your social experiences. Bluntly put, he must have a decent income that can cover your outings to your favorite amusement park, spa resort or concert.

Rules: Bring a friend for his friend.

Adventurous guys are the life of the party and love having people to share their good times with. Bringing a friend along makes it less awkward when and if his buddies are there. Most importantly, have a friend along for safety purposes. Adventurous guys are risk-takers. Your well-being is vital.

Mr. Prince Charming

Mr. Prince Charming isn't your soul mate. He's your spoiler. A charismatic wooer with some nice pearly whites. Most likely a mama's boy and enjoys making you materialistically happy. Most importantly, he's romantic. This is the guy who gives you flowers with a smile every time he sees you. He will also cook you dinner and gives you stimulating massages.

Rules: Do not fall for him and do not sleep with him until after the 4th date.

He's a charmer so giving up the goodies too soon will cease the romance. Be strong and practice self-control. If things get really hot and heavy use the menstrual excuse. Or tell him upfront you don't have casual sex and stick to it! As stated before, he is not your soul mate. Therefore do not fall for him!

Mr. Einstein

Mr. Einstein speaks well. He's successful, ambitious and business oriented. This doesn't mean that he's a genius, boring or even super corporate. He must possess skills that you don't necessarily have that can help advance your entrepreneurial efforts or inspire you professionally or artistically. Pick his brain, get his take on current events.

Rules: Be slow to talk and quick to listen.

This isn't a giveaway to play dumb but it means that you should be full of questions and taking mental notes simultaneously. Let him do most of the talking. Ask him thought provoking questions.

Stress-Free Tips

Do not entertain arguments--These guys are temporary. Pay them no mind. The point is to not get close enough to where anything they say or do upsets you.

Do not, I repeat: DO NOT, entertain long conversations via text or on the phone. You should only be chatting about your next date with a mix of small talk in between-if that. This ensures that you'll be asked on more dates because the less info you give him, the more he'll want.

Treat them all the same--These men require the same approach: Keep it stress-free, brief and fun. What makes them different is each of them-not you. Be consistent. 

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