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Best Suits Of The 'NBA Draft 2015': 10 Basketball Rookies Who Were Dressed To Impress [PHOTOS]

Last night the NBA held its annual draft and the incoming rookie class definitely dressed to impress.

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  • With the NBA Draft officially over players can now sleep a little easier knowing the biggest night of their

    young lives is over. They now have a place that they can call home. This year’s rookie class has a lot of

    hype surrounding it on the court, and they got off on the right foot making a good first impression with

    their wardrobe choices for the draft. Here are 10 of the best from last night.
  • Player: D’Angelo Russell

    School: Ohio State

    Drafted by: LA Lakers

    Russell was the second overall pick and he showed his school spirit in a scarlet and grey trimmed blazer,

    with white pants and scarlet shoes. He also went with a scarlet bowtie to complement the whole suit.
  • Player: Devin Booker

    School: Kentucky

    Drafted by: Phoenix
    The smooth shooting Booker had a smoother draft suit

    on wearing blue as his primary color and linked it all together with brown shoes and a similar colored

    tie. He also showed a little gold on his jacket pocket and gold watch.
  • Player: Kelly Oubre

    School: Kansas

    Drafted by: Atlanta Hawks
    Oubre is normally known for his unique haircut, but he

    generated a lot of buzz last night with his burgundy suit, glasses and spiked Christian Louboutin loafers.

    His look was simple and yet bold at the same time.
  • Player: Jahlil Okafor

    School: Duke

    Drafted by: Philadelphia 76ers
    The big man was projected to be drafted second

    overall but he was second to none with his style. Okafor rocked a deep red blazer and black pants with

    the classic white shirt and black bowtie to match. He also had some unique pins in the lapel of his jacket.
  • Player: Justise Winslow

    School: Duke

    Drafted by: Miami Heat
    Before the National Champion heads to South Beach he

    first had to cross the draft stage in his classic style midnight blue suit. Winslow pulled the look off by

    wearing black shoes and a skinny black tie.
  • Player: Stanley Johnson

    School: Arizona

    Drafted by: Detroit Pistons
    Johnson came in with a multicolor look wearing

    khaki pants, red and black checkered tie, white shirt and a light blue jacket. A fitting look to a player with

    a unique way of playing basketball.
  • Player: Kristaps Porzingis

    School: Latvia

    Drafted by: New York Knicks
    Knicks fans may have been booing because they didn’t want

    Porzingis on their team but he definitely left an impression with his sense of style. He wore a look similar

    to Okafor but with a black tie. A very European style from the only European player on this list.
  • Player: Rondae Hollis-Jefferson

    School: Arizona

    Drafted by: Portland Trail Blazers

    Hollis-Jefferson had his family

    cheering loud from the upper deck of seats and everyone noticed him crossing the stage in his plaid red

    and black pants.
  • Player: Frank Kaminsky

    School: Wisconsin
    Drafted by: Charlotte Hornets
    Frank the tank had a very basic look but it’s on the

    inside that counts. Kaminsky’s nickname was in full affect as he had tanks on the inside of his jacket.

    Well played Frank, well played.
  • Player: Rakeem Christmas

    School: Syracuse

    Drafted by: Minnesota Timberwolves

    With the last name of Christmas you have to stand out from the crowd and Rakeem did just that. He wore a floral style blazer that caught the attention of everyone once his name was called in the second round.
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