Kim Kardashian 2015: Reality Star Knows Who Leaked Sex Tape, Talks Kanye West Refusing To Be On Family's Show [VIDEO]

Kim Kardashian got candid in a brand new interview on who really leaked her adult film with Ray J, her friendship with Paris Hilton and her husband Kanye West refusing to be on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

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In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine that was released Wednesday, Kardashian didn’t shy away speaking on some of the biggest moments in her life -- including the infamous tape with Ray J that is said to be her claim to fame. While it has been rumored that her mother Kris Jenner or even Ray J himself is the one that put the tape out for the world to see, Kardashian said she knows exactly who it is.

“Wer’re in major confidentiality, so I can’t talk about it.”

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Whomever it was, Kardashian isn’t bothered by it anymore.

“I don’t really think about it. I thought about it for a long time. But when I get over something, I get over it.”

Her former best friend Paris Hilton went through something very similar. However, it didn’t make their friendship any stronger.

“I don’t think she was that happy. We didn’t really talk about it. I probably would have thought, ‘Oh my gosh, let me give her advice,’ but we had no communication. But our friendship had fizzled before that.”

Now, Kardashian is living out her life on E!’s very successful Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

She opened up about West choosing not to be on the series, and she’s okay with his decision.

“You can’t expect me to jump onstage and start singing— it’s not what I do.”

Still, she added, “The makeover Kanye has given me is amazing,” before insisting that she would have transitioned her style anyway.

Despite rocking a sexy top on the cover and having famous nude photo shoots that have broken the Internet, Kardashian said she’s all about the girl power.

“I’ve never really been one on labels, and I don’t like to push my view. If I feel something, it’s how I feel. I never say, ‘I feel this way, so you should feel that way.’ Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but I jut am who I am. I think would call me a feminist.”

Read the full interview here to see her thoughts on interracial dating and what’s going on with her only brother Rob Kardashian.

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