It's pay dirt time for Under the Dome.

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The residents of Chester's Mill only stumbled into their snow-globe life three weeks ago, but for fans, it has been two seasons of ceaseless mysteries. As the summer season wears on, however, viewers will finally get the answers they've been (im)patiently waiting for.

"We through a lot of stuff at you guys in first two episodes that's going to play out over the season. We're answering all those questions - may be not in the time frame that you want - but by the end of the season," executive producer Tim Schlattmann announced at San Diego Comic Con on Thursday. "This season is paying off things you saw in season 1 and 2."

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Between the Matrix life, the cocoons, and Christine Price's (Marg Helgnberger) arrival, the Stephen King adaptation has become increasingly more complicated. However, one teenager may prove to be the little town's savior.

"Humanity may rest on [Joe]," Schlattmann teased.

The EP also hinted Barbie (Mike Vogel) may need to hit up Toys 'R' Us sooner rather than later, although Schlattmann didn't specify whether or not his child will be human. CBS is really into devastating alien pregnancies these last two years...

Find out more when Under the Dome airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS.