Those of us who have had a longtime obsession with the classically scary book series Goosebumps are due for some tricks and treats. R.L. Stine's popular 90s book series is jumping off shelves and into movie theaters for an October 16th debut, just in time for Halloween. Who knew Hollywood had this idea in their pocket?

Jack Black stars as revered author R.L. Stine while his teen daughter Hannah (Odeya Rush) finds herself admiring her new next door neighbor Zach (Dylan Minnette.) The trailer was just released and shows the teens unlocking Pandora's Box into a world of thrilling suspense. They are seen battling infamous characters that will make avid readers swoon with nostalgia.

Of course this wouldn't be a teenybopper flick without themes of teenage angst over prying parents and a blossoming love story while fighting to save the community from things that go bump in the night. The kids all seem to be fresh faces working alongside Jack Black and Amy Ryan (Birdman) who plays Zach's mother.

The movie is to be released in both 2D and 3D to theaters nationwide. The storyline bares a striking similarity to 1995's Jumanji.  So, how big of a fan were you of this series (if of course, you were alive to remember and a child during the series' popularity) and will you be the first in line to see it? All we can hope is that this movie is a testament to the books and creeps to the top of the box office.