The Duggars Most Conversial Moments: 4 Cringe-Worthy Instances From '19 Kids And Counting' Family [VIDEO]

The Duggars are undoubtedly one of the most controversial American families to bless reality television. They built their brand upon their strict beliefs about birth control, courtship and a religious way of life. They were the family we loved to hate or hated to love, until allegations of molestation turned the tables. Last month Josh Duggar came under fire for a molestation scandal of young girls when he was 14-years-old. The weirdest part of this: Some of those girls were his own sisters. As 19 Kids And Counting comes to an abrupt end, we take a look back at the top Duggar moments that in light of things are just plain old creepy.

When Michelle Explains To Always Say Yes To Sex, Even When Tired

In a really strange interview with TODAY, Michelle Duggar dropped some weird knowledge. Michelle explained that the key to her healthy relationship is to always say yes when called upon for sex. "Be available," she advises, explaining that exhaustion kills relationships. Her always-say-yes-to-sex policy has been a "lifesaver" for her marriage, she explains. Jim Bob obviously has no complaints there, however the rest of the world is wondering whether this policy is a little too cringe worthy.

When Josh Joked About Incest

Alleged child molester and famed reality star Josh Duggar famously said "Well we are from Arkansas" when alluding to incest within. Although this was all fun and games at the time, now that such allegations have actually come to the forefront, the reality is much more serious. Josh's words were easily dismissed however now we wonder whether he was indeed telling the truth at the time, and framed it as a joking.

When Josh Commented On How Tricky It Was Fitting All Siblings In The Bedrooms

Another weird Josh moment. When Josh Duggar was commenting on the sleeping arrangement in the house, he infamously explained "You try cramming 18 people into three tiny bedrooms." As if this weren't strange enough, Jim Bob followed up joking "We've just been stacking them up one on top of the other." We really hope this didn't happen.

Michelle Duggar's Anti-Anti-Discrimination Phone Call

In a strange robocall, Michelle Duggar once unsuccessfully advocated to overturn an anti-discrimination ordinance. In the call, Michelle explained that the ordinance would allow past child predators to wrongfully enter female private spaces under the rouse of gender fluidity. However, in reality the ordinance protected transgender people from discrimination. Given that her son violated her daughters, this warning seems kind of hollow.  

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