Singer and Braxton Family Values star Tamar Braxton might have hit the stage with her former arch nemesis K. Michelle, but she wants to make it clear that the two are not “homies.”

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The two ended their feud after years when they hit the stage at the BET Awards last month. Despite going back-and-forth on social media, Braxton confirmed they had never met in person until that weekend.

“Let me just be honest about it…We not homies. It’s not that. We’re just cordial. It’s no beef. It never really was no beef like that. I had to treat it like somebody on Twitter. Because I never met her.”

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She also added that it was BET’s idea for them to perform together.

“It was a little [awkward] at first. She sang, I sang, we went home.”

The "If I Don’t Have You" singer added that she apologized on stage because she and K. Michelle didn’t have any alone time backstage.

“It was weird.”

She said they didn’t even talk before going on stage.

“We didn’t go out to dinner, we didn’t go have drinks. It’s just no beef. You know what I’m saying?”

As far as her social media feud with Chris Brown, she said she was definitely blindsided.

“I think it was unfair because I had no beef with him. I was defending him. He got upset with me. I love Chris Brown; always have, always will. It hurt my feelings. Because I didn’t mean to hurt his feelings. I apologized to him and her because that wasn’t the intent at all.”

See what else she had to say in the full interview below.