Alex Trebek Turns 75: 10 ‘Jeopardy!’ Moments That Made Us Go ‘Hmm’ [VIDEOS]


Alex Trebek, who is known for hosting game show Jeopardy! since 1984, is 75 years old today, July 22!

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In honor of the Canadian's birthday we're celebrating by naming the top 10 Jeopardy! moments that made us go 'Hmm'.

This guy has earned his spot in pop culture especially with some of the things he has done on the game show.

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1. He rapped the theme song to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

This is honestly such a golden moment for Trebek. He fully committed to rapping the theme song, which was rather unexpected.

2. He had to recite rap verses from well-known rap stars and the way he says "'G' Thang" among other words from the hip-hop hits is so amusing that it got a contestant laughing

Trebek didn't rap in tune to the respective songs the lines belong to, but him reciting them is pure entertainment.

3. Category names can be so perfectly funny

"Alex, I'll take 'Your Momma' for $400," is seriously one of the best things to be said on the game show.

4. Trebek has dealt with contestants who argue with him over pronunciation of names and other stuff, but handles it so flawlessly

A contestant by the name of Arthur tries to prove he's right, but Trebek shuts him down by stating, "I know, that's one of those weird things about our language," which is totally true. The English language is super complex.

5. Trebek loves when teens are on the show and show off their sense of humor

The teen who walked away with $75,000 didn't know the answer to the last question, but knew he won between himself and the other two contestants. His answer was a good laugh, which Trebek enjoyed.

6. A contestant got Trebek to recite his name backwards

Trebek reciting his name backwards and then discussing going to another dimension is equal parts odd and funny.

7. Trebek had a one-on-one Final Jeopardy! round with a female contestant that became hilariously awkward

Trebek tried to be funny as he was alone on stage with the lone contestant Kristin, but he just made things awkward that she kept nervously laughing.

8. Trebek is certainly a seasoned game show host, but he even experiences bloopers

Though this never made it to air, it did make it online and the Canadian got his contestant cue card information mixed up, but the contestant he was speaking to went along with it.

9. Trebek is a good sport and tries to relieve tension in a humorous light

Trebek stepped out on stage once without pants on to bring about laughs from the three super serious and otherwise stressed out contestants. He got them laughing, which surely helped loosen them up a bit!

10. Trebek got revenge on Conan O'Brien

In 2013 O'Brien had some fun by splicing together various sound bites of the host from the show, resulting in utter amusement. Last year, the game show host turned the tables on O'Brien though as seen below.

There are so many other "Hmm" moments from the game show and many more will happen in the future, but we hope Trebek is having an awesome 75th birthday as he perhaps revisits these moments in his hosting career.

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