'Total Divas' Season 4 Spoilers: Would Daniel Bryan Leave Brie Bella If She Couldn't Get Pregnant? [VIDEO]

Are Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan ever going to be parents?

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On Wednesday, E! News released a deleted scene from the last episode of Total Divas that delves into what the status is on Brie and Daniel's life regarding children. They look back on a dinner they had earlier when Brie's sister Nikki asked Daniel if he would've stayed with his wife if she didn't want children. He said he wouldn't.

The couple rides in the back of a car after a long day as Brie gushes over babies. She wants to hold every baby she sees although she playfully said that she wouldn't let anyone hold her own child.

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There is a part of Brie where she seems a bit insecure about her husband and children. She seems to have the feeling that if she's unable to get pregnant, then he might leave her. So she asks him if he would divorce her if she was infertile. He doesn't answer, but just asks her if she would leave him if the tables were turned. Of course, she says no.

Daniel points out that there are other ways for them to have children if they weren't able to make one on their own.

Brie still makes sure that her husband wouldn't walk away from her if it turned out that pregnancy wasn't an option. But he says he wouldn't leave her and she is his wife.

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Check out the scene below.

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