Michael Douglas News 2015: Actor Admits His 14-Year-Old Has Seen ‘Basic Instinct’ [VIDEO]


Either Michael Douglas is a very lenient parent or he has a very mature 14-year-old son. The Hollywood actor has admitted that his teenage son has seen the sexually explicit film Basic Instinct along with most of the actor's back catalogue of films.

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Speaking to ABC's Popcorn with Peter Travers, Douglas said he doesn't have to worry about his two children - Dylan, 14, and Carys, 12, digging into his past because they've seen most of his films by now.

He said, "They haven't seen a lot of my pictures, most of my career is R-rated."

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The actor, who is married to Welsh-born actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, also said that his son is giving him career advice, as he even encouraged him to star in his latest blockbuster hit, Ant-Man.

Douglas explained, "Dylan came to me when I was reading the script and took it out of my hand and said, ''Dad, let me explain something to you - this is a whole new audience for you, Dad. My friends will know who you are.'''

It was only during that conversation did Douglas find out that he's seen Basic Instinct, which also stars Sharon Stone, along with Fatal Attraction.

He said, "I said, ''You saw Basic Instinct?'' and then he realized he was in a little bit of trouble. He goes, ''Well, I only looked at the parts with you, Dad, not Sharon Stone - oops.'"

Ant-Man is playing in theaters nationwide now. Keep up with Enstars for all the latest news on Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta-Jones and their family.

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