Haven fans rejoice, the wait for season 5B is nearly over.

'Haven' Season 5: Nathan & Audrey Get Cozy In Premiere, EP Teases Trouble Bomb Fallout

The Syfy series has yet to set an official premiere date, but a brand new promo revealed that Duke (Eric Balfour), Audrey (Emily Rose), and Nathan (Lucas Bryant) will be back in action this October (see video below).

When we last checked in with Haven's golden trio, Audrey's victory over Mara was quickly tainted by Duke's unintentional trouble bomb. The Maine town is about to face a brand new wave of chaos, and Haven's saviors better be prepared to face down yet another season of mysteries.

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"The tsunami of Troubles brought by Duke has Haven-ites locked down for their own safety," McGuinness told TVLine, elaborating on his previous tease regarding Duke's reticence to attack the problem as he should.

"Duke will struggle with the guilt of causing some serious pain to the town, and deal with it in a very Duke way: By being selfish, noble, clever, and brave - in that order," McGuinness explained.

Ah, Duke, don't you miss the good old days when all you had to do was look out for numero uno? Character development really walloped you with a sense of responsibility.

Find out more when Haven returns to Syfy this October.