Kim Zolciak left "Real Housewives" with a dramatic fight fit for the show.

The 34-year-old reality star quit the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" after having a large fight with her costars.

In an extended clip following the Sunday episode of the show, the pregnant Zolciak is tired of having her cast-mates berate her about not going on vacation with everyone. Nene Leakes, Zolciak's nemesis on the show, starts to get on the star's nerves saying that she is using her pregnancy as an excuse to not be with everyone. This causes Zolciak to leave the restaurant they are filming at. Zolciak then gets into a small fight with one of the cameramen with the show.

Kroy Biermann, Zolciak's husband, rushes out of his car to aid his wife.

At the end of the clip, Zolciak expresses her frustration saying: "I've just had it. I don't need this f--ing drama. And these b--ches are not my friends. I don't know any of these f--ing ladies anymore. One day they're one way, the next day they're another." 

Zolciak says that she can't take the show anymore and that she doesn't want to return.

She told Bravo TV during an interview that she felt threatened and that she has other priorities in her life.

"My main concern at that time was my son in my stomach," the reality star said. "They can all come and attack me, I can handle myself and I've proven that over the years, but for me I had my son's health that I had to think about." 

Zociak gave birth to her son, Kash Kade Biermann, in August after taping her last appearance on the show. She is also the mother of three other children.

The reality mom has previously stated on Twitter that she has plans to leave "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" in order to focus on her own spinoff reality series.

Bravo just greenlighted the second season of "Don't Be Tardy" which will have Zolciak returning to the cable channel's lineup.