Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Criminal Minds executive producer, Erica Messer, revealed that Dr. Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) is going to have a very dramatic moment in the season 11 premiere.

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Reid is going to be responsible for a crucial takedown in the episode, and it is going to be a rather disturbing scene. "He gets to do a take down Reid style, which is just using his brain with a physical thing that's really disturbing - you have to turn away," Messer said. "It's not a standoff with a gun, it's a Reid version of a takedown."

It doesn't come as much of surprise that the show is going to open with a bib moment for Reid, as in the recent interviews it has been suggested that the season will focus on Gubler's character more.

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Gubler previously revealed his hopes for his character arc in season 11 and he wished that Dr. Reid's personal life got some more traction on the CBS procedural, and it seems like the producers and showrunners have been listening.

For one, Dr. Reid will be getting a new forensic team partner, who is also being speculated as his possible love interest on the show.

When CBS revealed that Aisha Tyler will be joining the cast as Dr. Tara Lewis, a forensic psychologist who specializes in criminal cases, tweets that came with the announcement tagged Gubler.

Yes, the duo, owing to their professional expertise might be working closely together in the BAU. What would be more interesting is if this were to develop into some kind of romance.

In an interview earlier this year, showrunner Erica Messer had hinted at taking Dr. Reid's romantic life more seriously in season 11. As there was a buzz surrounding his flirtation with a guest character in season 10, Messer said that while that won't last too long, the writers might address the need for a special someone in Reid's life in the next chapter.

"It's been two years. Maeve is something that will never go away in his heart. We want him to smile again and we think everybody else does too," she said.

She went on to add that they would be probably getting on giving Reid more of a personal life. "But we will probably discuss it and figure it out at some point next season," she said.

Season 11 of Criminal Minds will premiere on Sept. 23 on CBS.

Watch an interview with Gubler about his hopes for his character in season 11: