The forthcoming season of CBS' procedural drama NCIS is going to be loaded with intense storylines as Gibbs (Mark Harmon) deals with the aftermath of surviving gun shots brought on by a young kid because of a terrorist group called The Calling recruiting young minds for evil.

'Gibbs Can't Move On' In Season 13 Of 'NCIS'?

With Gibbs kind of not quite being himself, which he might never be again anyway, the rest of the team will apparently be stepping up in big ways.

TVLine reported Monday that fan favorite character Abby Sciuto, who is always helping out Gibbs, Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly), Timothy McGee (Sean Murray) and others at NCIS, will play a major role in Season 13's fifth episode.

What Is Going On With Abby's Wardrobe In An Upcoming Episode Of 'NCIS'?

NCIS showrunner Gary Glasberg teased that the fifth episode will feature "an Abby/Die Hard story."

What does that mean exactly? Well, the forensic scientist will be all by herself in her lab and will need to tap into her brain "to save the day."

She "must use her wits," which should not be that challenging since Abby is pretty remarkable when it comes to intelligence.

It is unknown if the Die Hard plot will play a part in the episode, but we imagine Abby will mimic the thinking of John McClane (Bruce Willis) from the action film since he definitely used his wits to take down a group of terrorists.

NCIS returns to CBS on Sept. 22 at 8 p.m. ET.