'Last Week Tonight' New Season: John Oliver Promotes New 'Book' About History's Lies, Details On Release Date & More [VIDEO]

Fans of Last Week Tonight host John Oliver could soon be able to get some great jokes about history when the comedian releases a new book with his best lies about the subject.

In a web exclusive video, Oliver, promoted a new book he claimed to be writing titled Stranger Than Truth: John Oliver's 101 Favorite History Lies, where he joked about some of the biggest lies he loved to tell about history:

1. That Abraham Lincoln Previously granted John Wilkes Booth clemency for beastiality because he was intoxicated

2. Paul Revere was allergic to horses

3. Irish Step Dancing was invented by farmers killing field mice

4. Winston Churchill used to prepare for important phone calls by tearing phone books in half 5. Katherine the Great did die while having sex with a horse

As for his reasoning behind the book, Oliver explained that lying gave him a big rush, because he loved how it felt to regain people's trust, only to knock it out again.

That revelation also led to the final one in the video-where he revealed that the book itself was a lie, and the video was more a way to promote the upcoming season of the show.

"There is no book, that was another lie. This entire video has been a waste of everyone's time. If you want to waste more time, please join us again on September the 13th...until then, trust nobody, especially me," he said.

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