'The Librarians' Season 2: Why Is Christian Kane Fighting Himself? New Enemy & Promo Revealed [VIDEO]

Double the Kane, double the trouble for The Librarians.

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The first promo for The Librarians' hit the air on Sunday night (see video below), and a particularly amusing fight scene has fans buzzing. Jake Stone (Christian Kane) will face off with a mirror image of himself during the series' sophomore run, and now we know why.

"A new shape-shifting monster will be featured who takes the forms of various characters," Spoiler TV reported back in July, indicating that everyone from Ezekiel (John Kim) to Flynn (Noah Wyle) could come face-to-face with their body doubles early in the season.

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Kane even teased the upcoming fight back in June.

"Today's agenda: Me: what should we do today? Me: how 'bout I just whip ur ass! Me: BRING IT ON!!! Stay tuned #thelibrarians," Kane tweeted.

Jake's one-on-one battle won't be his only high stakes scene of the season. The TNT drama is still filming, and early August saw Jake and Eve (Rebecca Romjin) wield some hefty weapons.

"Rebecca Romjin and I at the helm of a viscous axe wielding fight," Kane tweeted. "Good luck to us both:)))) #thelibrarians fun fun!!!"

Who (or what) are they battling? Catch The Librarians season 2 premiere on Nov. 1 to find out more.

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