'Teen Wolf' Season 5: Malia A Major Part Of The Midseason Premiere, Episode 14 To Center Around Desert Wolf? [VIDEO]


Malia's hunt for the Desert Wolf will pick up in earnest when Teen Wolf season 5B begins.

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The werecoyote is planning on offing her murderous mother, but only if the Desert Wolf doesn't get her first. Luckily, Malia (Shelley Hennig) has Braeden (Meagan Tandy) on her side.

"They're definitely in league together," series creator Jeff Davis teased, according to TV Line. "Malia told Stiles to give up the search, and she erased the Desert Wolf from his board, which she did because she wanted to find her herself. Braeden is the mercenary who's going to help her find the Desert Wolf and take her down."

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Malia couldn't have picked a better partner. While Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) would certainly attempt to pull her away from her matricidal plans, Braeden has devoted years of her life to tracking Peter Hale's former flame. Not to mention the fact that she has impeccable timing - Malia could have been a vampires snack if it weren't for the ex-US Marshal.

Season 5B will even have a Malia-centric episode in addition to its Kira-centric (Arden Cho) hour.

"I can say that Episode 514, which we're breaking now, is a big Malia episode," Davis told TV Line. "She's a big part of 511, then 12 and 13 are a step back for her to let things simmer, and then 14 is all about Malia."

Find out more when Teen Wolf returns to MTV in 2016. Watch the video below to see a preview for the series' latest episode.

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