Supermodel Naomi Campbell made waves on the Internet Tuesday when she bared her entire breast on Instagram; while Instagram snatched it down 20 hours later, it wasn’t before fans could respond on social media with the best reactions.

Naomi Campbell Literally ‘Frees The Nipple’ For Everyone To See On Instagram

Campbell posted the snapshot for her Taschen two-volume book that’s in the latest issue of Garage magazine. It’s her latest effort to fight the double standard of women being forced to cover their breasts while men are not.

Miley Cyrus, model and actress Cara Delevigne are just some of the women who have taken on the campaign as well. It’s not clear if anyone else has tried to follow suit, but many had lots to say about Campbell’s now epic photo.

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One fan said that it’s definitely a double standard considering she’d “get harassed” if she decided to “free the nipple” while “men can free their nipples”.

Another joked about their “attention span” not lasting as long as Campbell’s photo did on Instagram.

 A third encouraged fans to go hurry up and look at the “natural” photo that left them in “so much awe” before Instagram took it down Tuesday.

Another said they don’t ever want that image to leave their eyes…literally.

One woman joked that seeing the photo was just the wake up call she needed.

One follower simply couldn’t believe it was true.

One fan joked that Campbell was actually behind the curve. “Dude. @AuntyChardonnay and I have been saying #freethenipple for like, years! FINALLY!”

Instagram might have shut it down but one man plans to use the photo as his header photo on Twitter.

Another kept it simple and said the iconic model “slayed” per usual.

Meanwhile, Instagram’s move hasn’t stopped Campbell from retweeting the photo on her own Twitter page.