The cast and crew members of Downton Abbey are coming to terms with the series ending.

Michelle Dockery Says She's 'So Grateful' For 'Downton Abbey'

On Monday, TV Line posted an interview with Jim Carter who plays Carson on the series. He mentioned that despite his acceptance that nothing can last forever, it was still an emotional turnout filming the last moments.

"It was strangely affective, and I didn't think it would be," Carter said at the 2015 Emmy Awards. "We do a job, we move on, that's the rhythm of our lives. But we shot the last scene that the servants do together- it was quite a sentimental scene- at at the end of it, I completely took myself by surprise by filling up completely and getting quite tearful."

There Will Be 'A Bit Of Tragedy' In Final Season Of 'Downton Abbey'

Series creator Julian Fellowes showed up as well where he was asked if the show might lose a family member in the final season. All Fellowes did was laugh and make it pretty clear that he won't be letting that cat out of the bag.

This question was brought up with executive producer Gareth Neame where he was begged to not kill off Maggie Smith's character (as the Dowager). Neame just shrugged and said whatever happens has already happened.

Carter added that fans will probably be "sad" when the last episode airs, but "very satisfied."

See what else they had to say in the video below.

Downton Abbey Season 6 premieres in the United States on Sunday, January 3 on PBS.