They've felt less safe than ever before since the military came in and forced them to live behind a fence, claiming it would keep them safe from the raging apocalypse, but the Clark-Manawa-Salazar clan will make a major attempt to escape it on the season finale of Fear the Walking Dead.

The Group Takes Extreme Measures To Get Nick and Griselda Back

With the military occupation came the shocking forced separation of their families, with both Griselda and Nick (Frank Dillane) getting carted off to a medical facility outside the gates, where Liza (Elizabeth Rodriguez also went in order to do some good. Since then, Griselda has died from her injury, and Nick has become the target of another pan who is planning an escape.

Daniel (Ruben Blades) also managed to confirm Andrew's (Shawn Hatosy) report that the military wasn't really there to help them-and was planning to enact Cobalt-where they would unleash several corralled undead on the town and cause mass extermination-in just a few hours, meaning the home was no longer a safe place to stay and an escape was necessary.

Madison & Travis Deal With An Unexpected Challenge

Now, the family will make a desperate attempt to escape the compound, rescue their loved ones from the facility (unaware that Griselda is already gone), and make a run for it for parts unknown. But whether they'll be able to keep everyone together-and safe from the hordes of undead starting to break through and into the area will prove to be a challenge-especially when the military is also forced to fire at the undead-and one of the group could get hit in the process.

Meanwhile the escape plans could also drive a deeper wedge between Travis (Cliff Curtis) and his son, Chris (Lorenzo James Henrie), who he become increasingly more disconnected with since the apocalypse.

"Don't leave me here," Chris says to his father in the clip.

Fear the Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.