John Irwin recently spoke to Enstars about the new season of Couples Therapy, which premieres tonight on VH1.

In an email interview, Irwin dished on the cast, which includes the likes of supermodel Janice Dickinson and Mob Wives' Big Ang, as well as the dramatic season of therapy that is to come.

Enstars: When dealing with a number of couples, many of whom are quite dramatic, how do you keep the focus on their relationships?
JI: That is where the problem lies. Most couples don’t want to deal with their issues. Dr Jenn does a great job of keeping the couples focused through intense therapy and select activities that have real, tangible results for these couples in crisis.

In what way do couples benefit from going through therapy in a group setting?
The group setting plays a big role in the recovery process as it allows the couples to share their personal experiences and learn from each other. It allows an outside perspective to shine a light on issues discussed and let each couple know that they are not alone.

What fun activities are in store for the couples of season six?
Not to give away too much but our couples will go through a few powerful activities that will test the dynamics of their relationships and struggles.

Going into season six, can fans expect to see any major changes in the format of the show?
The format is unchanged. We are really watching a true experiment in process. The celebrities and their stories are the ones that make every season totally different.

Does transgender model Carmen Carrera face challenges in her relationship that the other couples do not?
Absolutely, gender transitioning creates an incredible amount of complexity in the relationship. Dr. Jenn uncovers some shocking secrets.

Will fans see a different side of Joe and Kaylin's relationship that they haven't seen on Love & Hip Hop?
Yes! On Love & Hip Hop people only saw the tip of the Iceberg.

How hard would you say it is for couples to recover from infidelity, and is it truly possible to regain trust lost?
It’s hard issue to overcome but it is doable. If two people want to be together bad enough they can overcome any type of relationship issue.

Scott has made headlines in recent years due to his addiction struggles. How much of that will be addressed during season six, and how far has he come in the months since his breakdown?
His past will be addressed and how it has affected his relationship. He's doing well but still recovering.

Janice has been on a number of reality shows in the last few years. What would you say makes her so intriguing to fans?
Janice doesn’t hold anything back!

In the trailer, we see Janice in a combative situation with Dr. Jenn. What led to this moment?
You will have to tune in and find out!

Big Ang tells cameras she's ready to end her relationship if therapy doesn't work. Do a lot of couples seek counseling as a last ditch effort, and why do you think that is?
Yes! Couples therapy is a very tough, personal and sometimes painful process. In some cases it is couples last resort to save their relationship. If some couples had turned to therapy sooner, it could have saved years of anguish.

Did any of the couples decide against staying together during the season? If so, can you tease us as to why?
Without a doubt, everyone has grown stronger during this season and for some that includes finding the strength to let go.

What or who would you say shocked you the most during filming?
For me, I am always blown away by the strength, honesty and vulnerability these couples share with us.

Looking back on previous seasons, which couple or couples would you say made the most progress while on set?
Wow, that is a really good question. It is more than progress on set. Dr. Jenn is giving them valuable tools to take home and succeed in their relationship and family life.

Generally speaking, is there a specific moment in a relationship where it is simply becomes unsalvageable?
That specific moment comes through growth and maturity when both parties realize they are better apart than together.

Many couples feel seeking help through therapy is a sign of weakness, how would you respond to that?
It is the exact opposite. It takes so much strength to open up about your problems and be vulnerable. By taking accountability and responsibility for change.

Can therapy work for every couple, or are some relationships too far gone?
Couples Therapy is more than about "the couples." It’s a healing process both as an individual and together as a couple.

Couples Therapy season six premieres tonight, Oct. 7, at 10 p.m. on VH1.