All good things must eventually come to an end and that is the case with Tyra Banks' pop culture phenomenon reality modeling competition TV series America's Next Top Model.

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Back in August the creator of Top Model revealed there was a chance the series would be ending after 22 cycles and it turns out that is totally true.

"It's nice to walk away from something before it walks away from you ... leave when people remember you at your height," Banks explained at the time to Zap2it.

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On Wednesday the 41-year-old released a touching statement on Instagram about the series concluding with its current cycle, which will continue airing this year until the final winner is announced.

Banks shared a photo of a big "22" in honor of the latest and last cycle before sharing in the caption, "TYRA MAIL!" which is a nod to what usually goes on in the houses the models stay in throughout the filming of the competition.

A photo posted by Tyra Banks (@tyrabanks) on Oct 14, 2015 at 12:44pm PDT

"Yeah, I truly believe it's time," she noted about ending with Cycle 22, adding, "Our diehard fans know we've expanded the definition of beauty, presented what Flawsome is, tooched and booched and boom boom boomed, shown the world how to show their neck, rocked couture/catalogue/commercial poses, have found our (and your) light, strutted countless runways, gone on tons of go-sees, added guys to the girls mix, and have traveled around the globe and back again. Yeah, it's time. It really is."

The fierce businesswoman continued to talk about all that Top Model has accomplished since it began airing in 2003 with its very first cycle.

"We were the first reality show based in the fashion world," she proudly beamed, adding, "I never thought my little idea would have people everywhere thinking differently about how they take photos. And I never thought we'd do 22 cycles."

She also thanked all the viewers since America's Next Top Model wouldn't have been what it became without them.

"We are a global force that has so many international versions around the world because of YOU! That's amazing and beyond anything that I ever dreamed," she dished, noting the series was always meant to show "Perfect is Boring."

With that being said, Banks paid homage to the many things she has taught viewers through the series, including loving every little thing about yourself like "your freckles, your moles, your big forehead, your big eyes, your small eyes..."

In true Banks fashion, she expects all to "keep on Smizing each and every day!"

America's Next Top Model is currently airing its final cycle, Cycle 22, on The CW Friday nights at 9 p.m. ET.