Dascha Polanco is hoping her Orange Is the New Black character will break out of her shell further in season 4.

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Polanco, who plays Daya in the Netflix dramedy, spoke with Entertainment Weekly recently and teased what she'd like to see from her in the future. Daya has had to deal with baby daddy Bennett (Matt McGorry) bailing on her in addition to not being able to raise her baby. So with that said, Polanco wants to see Daya speak up for herself.

"I want to see her break out of her shell. She needs to react more to situations," Polanco said, of Daya. "If the things that happen to her happened to me, I would be extremely upset, I'd be rebellious. So I'd like to see another side of her. I want to see her take the bull by the horns, grow up and stop worrying about her mother so much."

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As for whether Daya will ever get back with Bennett, chances are unlikely. Plus, he isn't even a priority for Daya right now.

"I would love to see that, but you have to be realistic," Polanco said of Daya reuniting with Bennett. "He walked out of her life and her main priority right now is figuring out how she can take care of her child."

Polanco admitted she had "no idea" if Daya would reunite with her child in season 4, though it doesn't sound good based on her comments.

"When you're in jail, you have no control over your situation. It just gets more and more difficult for her," Polanco explained.

Orange Is the New Black season 4 is expected to be released in summer 2016 on Netflix.